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Metal-Free Crowns and Bridges-Looking Dental Restorations

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Metal-Free Crowns and Bridges: A Comprehensive Natural-Looking Dental Restorations

Discover the benefits of metal-free crowns and bridges, including natural-looking aesthetics, durability, and biocompatibility. Learn about the types, advantages, and applications of metal-free restorations for a healthy, beautiful smile

All-Ceramic (Metal-Free Zirconium Crown)

Metal-free ceramic restorations, such as the All-Ceramic Zirconium Crown, are crafted without a metal framework. These restorations utilize robust ceramic materials that boast outstanding optical qualities. Patients can choose from a variety of options, including Zirconium Oxide, Aluminium Oxide, and Lithium Disilicate. These clinically validated metal-free ceramics are not only highly biocompatible but also aesthetically pleasing, enabling the creation of lifelike dental restorations.

Benefits of All-Porcelain Crowns

Cosmetic Beauty:
All-porcelain crowns are translucent and finely crafted to match the size, color, and shade of your natural teeth. This ensures a seamless blend, making it virtually indistinguishable that a restoration is in place. They are particularly ideal for restoring front teeth.

No Dark Line:
Contrary to porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns (PFM), all-porcelain crowns eliminate the issue of a visible dark line. Being crafted entirely from white porcelain, they mimic the appearance of natural tooth enamel perfectly. In contrast, PFMs can sometimes reveal a dark metal line, especially if the gumline recedes.

Made from biocompatible materials, all-porcelain crowns pose no risk of allergic reactions or gum irritation, ensuring optimal comfort and safety.

Single Visit Options:
Say goodbye to multiple dental visits and extended waiting periods. With our state-of-the-art in-house lab, we can create and deliver your custom all-porcelain crown within just 24 hours.

All-Ceramic Systems Offered:

  • IPS e.max System
  • Nobel Biocare – Procera
  • Sirona – InLab MC XL

Cost of Zirconium Crown / Metal-Free Crown

The cost of a zirconium crown, also known as a metal-free crown, is influenced by the quality of the Zirconium material utilized and the expertise of the Prosthodontists and senior lab technicians involved in crafting the crown in a CAD-CAM dental lab. At Lumos Dental lab, we prioritize quality and durability. We use premium Zirconium material sourced from Sirona In-lab, Germany, renowned for its exceptional strength and longevity. All our crowns are meticulously fabricated in our in-house dental lab to ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Metal Free Crown Cost

Porcelain fused to metal crown (metal ceramic crown) ₹ 8,000 onwards $ 96 onwards
Zirconia metal free ceramic crown ₹ 14,000 onwards $ 169 onwards
IPS e.max ( metal free) Lithium Disilicate crown ₹ 14,000 onwards $ 169 onwards



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