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Dental Implant With Lifetime Warranty Hyderabad, India!

Looking for dental implants with a lifetime warranty in Hyderabad, India? Look no further than Lumos Dental Care. We understand the importance of a long-lasting and reliable solution for your dental needs. That’s why we offer dental implants with a lifetime warranty, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your investment. Our experienced team of professionals uses the latest techniques and high-quality materials to ensure optimal results. Trust Lumos Dental Care for dental implants that come with a lifetime warranty, giving you a smile that will last a lifetime. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.



With advances in the science of implant dentistry, you can expect that most dental implants will function indefinitely.

However, the teeth may wear or break & need to be repaired or replaced. Repairs along with implants done at our centre, we offer a lifetime warranty for our patients.

In case your implants become loose & have to be removed, a new implant will be placed & a new crown will be fabricated on the implant, without any cost. If the porcelain fractures on your implant supported crown, the crown will be replaced at no cost to you.

In order to keep this warranty in effect, one must agree to the following

1.Maintain good oral hygiene along with regular check ups once in 6months.

2.To stop smoking and other oral health harming habits.

3.Underlying systemic conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, corticosteroid therapy, bone loss due to aging and trauma due to accidents or violence can’t be relevant for the warranty.

If you agree to & abide by the provisions of this warranty, this warranty will remain in effect for your lifetime.

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