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Hollywood Smile

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Hollywood Smile!

A good definition of beautiful is anything we can add or remove without making any damage. Hollywood smile is a total dental smile makeover, also called ‘change your smile aesthetics’ is a popular treatment. It’s a Supra Natural White, perfectly aligned attractive looking teeth.

A Hollywood smile should adjust the size, shape, and position of your teeth (veneers) as ideal. Sometimes periodontics is needed to adjust your gum margins and align them to perfect your smile. According to the color of your veneers, it depends on your preference whether you want an extraordinary white smile or your normal teeth color or just a shade whiter.

Some people have stained or cracked teeth the look ugly, so veneers are recommended to improve the shape and color of their teeth in order to perfect their smile.

The Hollywood Smile is available in the India for patients who desire a gorgeous, stunning smile. Enhancing natural beauty and facial expression, Hollywood Smiles can meet the needs of people desiring a cosmetic makeover and those with misaligned and discolored teeth.

Also available designer smiles and “Zoom Smiles”, allowing the individual to decide on the ideal shape, size, and shade of veneers. Individuals are involved in the design of their smiles through the use of shade guides and model impressions

Some characteristics of the Hollywood Smile include:

The color of the teeth should be sparkling bright and white with no other characteristics such as spots or crack lines

The teeth have little or no texture

The teeth have minimal or no translucency on the incisal edge

Teeth should be symmetrical in size, shape, and length

No gaps or crowding between the teeth

The symmetrical alignment of teeth

No sign of tooth wear

Following the golden proportion rule

The correct shape of the incisal edges and angles of teeth, ensuring the incisal embrasure are symmetrical

Gums should also be symmetrical, light pink in color, and follow the contour of the teeth

Oval teeth generally look best on women

Wider smiles are more attractive

Some people prefer to have an alignment of all teeth converging to the middle of the face by 5 degrees ( which is what is preferable for an ideal smile ) and some prefer to have a reduced angle, creating teeth to appear more upright.


Look younger – a bright, white smile invigorates the whole face

Get noticed – no need to shy away from attention

Smile with pride – show new teeth more and smile more

Boosts confidence and self-esteem – with friends, family, and colleagues.


The Perfect Smile Studios can vastly improve the appearance of your smile, with the help of the most advanced dental treatments currently available in modern dentistry today.

We use the latest digital smile design software to simulate your teeth after various treatments. This allows you and your dentist to discuss which treatments are going to get you the Hollywood Smile you want. Preview your smile on-screen before your treatment even starts!