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We make confident smiles in as little as 6 months. Straighten teeth with our clear aligners

What we treat

Everything becomes easier. Smiling becomes easier because you’ll be more confident. Cleaning your teeth becomes easier and you reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Your smile plays a big role in how you look and feel. And you can maximise both with our daytime or nighttime aligners.

What is teeth crowding?

Teeth crowding is when teeth have a lack of space to grow and fit normally in the jaw. To find room, teeth may grow in a rotated or overlapped way. Teeth crowding can be a result of genetics, unusual tooth development, poor dental care and thumb sucking to name a few.

What are the complications of crowded teeth?

Teeth crowding can cause excessive wear and tear on the teeth, gums, and jaw muscles, resulting in cracked teeth, jaw strain, temporomandibular joint disorder, and even chronic headaches. When your teeth are crowded or crooked, there is more opportunity for bacteria to grow and plaque to develop.

Why is teeth crowding important to fix?

Did you know our jaw reaches its maximum size at age 16 and only gets smaller after that? If left untreated, crooked teeth become more crowded as you age. With our clear aligners, you can avoid the complications of overcrowded teeth and build confidence with a straighter smile.

Can clear aligners fix teeth crowding?

Yes. And you’ll see results in an average of 6 months. Our teeth crowding treatment uses a series of clear, removable BPA-free plastic trays (aligners) that fit over your teeth. Your aligners will be custom-made and designed by our team of orthodontists led by Dr. Saba Faria with remote monitoring through the journey.

What are crooked teeth?

With 60-75% of us suffering from crooked teeth, there are varying degrees of crookedness. For some, it’s mild with just a few crooked teeth in the mouth. For others, it’s more and affects the top and bottom teeth. Overall crooked teeth result when teeth fit incorrectly in the dental arch and appear rotated, twisted, or out of place.

Why are crooked teeth important to fix?

Crooked teeth can affect your smile, oral health and your overall confidence. However, they can be easily and effectively straightened at home without braces. Crooked teeth are one of the most common teeth cases we treat with results in an average of 6 months.

What are gap teeth?

Teeth gaps come in all shapes and sizes. Gaps can be found on the top teeth, on the bottom teeth and even between molars. Some gaps are small, and others are large and more noticeable. If your gap teeth are bothering you, you can look to close it.

Why are gap teeth important to fix?

If left untreated, gap teeth can:
• Increase the risk of plaque deposits that lead to tooth decay, bad breath and even tooth loss;
• Cause crowding in neighbouring teeth, causing a misaligned bite;
• Cause people to be self-conscious when smiling.